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The Minuscule,

it's me! :), it's us, it's you


La Minuscule was my nickname  child.  

I am an artisan based in Brittany (France), specialized in handmade clothing. zero waste and eco-responsible.  My creations  are made from textile  organic, GOTS and Oeko-tex certified.

La Minuscule offers home and hygiene products for the satisfaction of daily household and the well-being, health and beauty of young and old.  



Mes Valeurs: j'ai en passion le zéro déchet  et je travaille en geste solidaire avec d'autres artisans locaux.



The Minuscule,

a commitment to quality

La Minuscule is committed to always making quality products in accordance with its ethics of respect for the environment, zero waste, to leave a cleaner and healthier planet for future generations.


Thank you for trusting

at La Minuscule xoxo


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